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Top Reasons for Poor Posture

Posted By: Elena W.

You’re at this site to learn about posture bras or braces, but how exactly did you get here? There are many reasons why you might have poor posture. Some reasons are not your fault, others are just bad habits that can be broken with some resolve on your part.  A big part of what is covered here is prevention and getting a point where you no longer have to rely on a posture bra.  While some of you might not get to that point, at least you can say you tried!

Regardless, here are five major causes of poor posture.  Do any of these reasons sound like they caused your current problem?  They are not in any particular order, so don’t read into that.

  1. Sitting at Work – one of the major causes of poor posture is sitting too long, specifically at work.  Most office jobs in the 21st century call for hours of sitting in front of a computer or over poring of documents.  Sitting is bad enough because it is extremely difficult to maintain good posture over 10-15 minute stretches.  Sitting in front of a computer is worse since you tend to crane your head forward, putting more pressure on your neck and upper back (your head is ~15% of your bodyweight!).  A laptop is worse since the screen is not at the correct eye height typically.  Ask your company for an ergonomic evaluation, many offer this for free – a specialist comes in and adjusts your workstation for your physiology.
  2. Sitting at Home – similar to #1, if you sit at home on the couch for long periods of time, often watching tv, it is bad for your posture.  Reading a book or tablet is not much better either, even in bed.  Interestingly, many chiropractors and physical therapists have recommended using “prism glasses” if you like to read in bed or tend to slouch when sitting on the couch.   They allow you to lie down while still reading a book or watching TV (Click Here to See/Buy on Amazon).
  3. Poor Upper Back and Neck Muscles – this is often a direct result of #1 and #2, where your muscles that support your head and shoulder are atrophied.  This could be from a lack of exercise or simply not working those muscles enough to support hours of poor posture.  Another reason could be from an injury – your muscles in those areas may compensate to “protect” the injured area.  Just make sure you rehabilitate fully.  See some of our recommended posture support exercises.
  4. Stress – it’s a proven fact that stress causes physical duress on your body.  Why?  When you are stressed out, you tend to tense up – this very often impacts your back muscles.  Drink a lot of water for hydration and consider mediation and breathing techniques to help with the stress.
  5. Genetics – unfortunately, some people are just more susceptible to poor posture due to their inherited physiology.  This could be bone structure, weaker muscles, or even larger breasts (which puts a lot more strain on your upper back).  If any of these run in your family, you have to be extra diligent in performing posture exercises regularly, eating right, and maintaining good posture habits.

Nutrition is certainly another factor.  As mentioned earlier, simply drinking at least eight 8oz glasses of water a day or more keeps your body “lubricated”.  Don’t sit for long periods of time; get up and stretch up every half hour.   A posture bra can certainly help get you back to tip top shape, but again, it’s not a quick fix.  You have to commit to improving your posture!


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