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Posture Support Options

Based on some of the questions received, we realize that some readers may want more information than just posture support bras. In general, other than a posture support bra your other options are posture support braces or posture support bands (yes, they sound the same but really are not). Since the rest of the site covers posture bras extensively, we will talk about support braces and bands in in this article. Posture Support Brace A posture corrective support brace, as seen above, is a viable alternative to a posture support bra and can be used by both men and women. The most popular and comfortable support braces have the over-the-shoulder elastic straps with hook and loop closures. Another strap goes around your upper torso (below [ click to continue…]

A Popular Posture Corrective Brace

A very popular alternative to our favored posture bras is a posture corrective brace. While there are probably hundreds of different posture braces on the market today, a very popular one is the Footsmart Posture Corrective Brace. Note that we said “most popular” – that does not necessarily mean the best, or even good for posture support. Again, with most things in life, it is subjective. Let’s look at the good. First and foremost, this posture corrective brace has worked for many people, both men and women. That is the most important thing by far. Because of the construction, you can put it on and take it off throughout the day. This actually is a blessing, especially when it is first bought, so you can [ click to continue…]