Posture Bra

Good Posture Exercises for the Upper Back

If you have read some of our articles, it is no secret we believe that strengthening your upper back, shoulder and neck muscles is an important part of improving your posture long term.  The best way to do that is exercise.  Combining exercise with a posture bra or other types of posture support will be the most effective strategy.  In this article, we look at two very simple posture exercises for your upper back.  The standard disclaimer – always check with a physician or physical therapist before starting any type of exercise program, even the simple exercises shown below. We are not doctors or health practitioners! The upper back muscles are an important area to build when it comes to posture support. Here are two [ click to continue…]

Help Improve Your Posture with a Posture Bra

Posture bras really can definitely help with your posture support – if you are willing to do a little work yourself.  A posture bra alone will not magically fix your back pain or posture.  That said, it will provide superior upper back support and help “remind” you to correct your posture.  In conjunction with a few simple muscle habits, a posture bra can help improve your posture significantly. Let’s look at how posture bras are designed and some of their unique features.  All posture bras provide excellent upper back and shoulder support – the bra is designed to pull your shoulders upwards to lessen the pressure on your upper back.  These bras are made with reinforced stretch bands that are criss-crossed in the back.  Usually, [ click to continue…]