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Playtex Posture Bra Review

Posted By: Elena W.

One of the most popular posture bras offered today is made by Playtex – specifically their Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra (Style 4379). It is available at plenty of online retailers but may be more difficult to buy at stores.

Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra

Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra

2010 Update:
Unfortunately, Playtex has decided to discontinue this bra! However, as of August, there were still plenty of stores and online merchants with stock remaining, so buy extras if this was your favorite. There is no word yet from Playtex if a new posture bra is coming. A good alternative that is very similar and gets very high quality reviews is the Exquisite Form Fully® Front Hook Posture Bra.


The Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra features X-shaped (crisscrossed) stretch mesh back panels designed to alleviate pressure on the breast, back, and shoulder areas. This Playtex bra fastens in the front for convenience and has a supportive back panel design that makes it ideal for women bad posture. Finally, it features cushioned straps with hook and eye adjustability for a supreme custom fit.


  • Sheer, stretch mesh fabric panels offer breathable support.
  • Adjustable cushion straps provide a custom lift and fit.
  • Hidden front closure is discreet under clothes and convenient.
  • Full soft cups (seamed and molded) provide full support and coverage.
  • Lightly padded to prevent show-through.
  • Lightly lined, wire-free cups give you shaping and support.

The Playtex Posture Bra is machine washable and comes in sizes 34-48 B/C and 36-48 D/DD.


Simply put, this is a very good posture bra.  Because of the materials (cotton in the back), it is very comfortable while also providing very good posture support.  We found that it does live up to its 18 hour claim because of the comfort and construction – your back and shoulders will not be sore after wearing this bra for extended periods of time.  The fact that it does not have any underwires is even better.

For a soft, almost athletic like bra, the Playtex Posture Bra provides very good upper back and bust support – better than almost all other bras of the same materials.  Of course, it cannot provide the same rigid support as a longline posture bra with panels, but that is a completely different design.   The support in this bra will be more than enough for most women.

Like the majority of posture bras, we would classify it more as functional – not sexy.  You probably would not want to wear this bra with tight fitting shirts or sweaters!  For normal everyday wear, it is perfect.

In terms of long term durability, we could not easily measure this since it could be years.  Based on construction and fabrics, it does look and feel very durable.  Other users and reviewers have reported great longevity.  Also, Playtex has a good reputation for manufacturing quality products.

Overall, we feel confident recommending the Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra.  The only bad news – there is word that Playtex may discontinue manufacturing this bra.  Hopefully, if this happens, they will replace it with something even better!

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