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Posture Support Options

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Based on some of the questions received, we realize that some readers may want more information than just posture support bras. In general, other than a posture support bra your other options are posture support braces or posture support bands (yes, they sound the same but really are not). Since the rest of the site covers posture bras extensively, we will talk about support braces and bands in in this article.

Posture Support Brace
A posture corrective support brace, as seen above, is a viable alternative to a posture support bra and can be used by both men and women. The most popular and comfortable support braces have the over-the-shoulder elastic straps with hook and loop closures. Another strap goes around your upper torso (below the breasts) for a firm fit. Some women’s only style back supporters feature full back coverage for a tighter fit.

Posture Support Brace

Posture Support Brace

Here are some tips for buying a posture support brace:

  • Some support braces can be bulkier than a typical bra – not an issue if you plan to wear over your clothes, but certainly not ideal for underwear. Verify the design will work for your wardrobe.
  • Be wary of the construction materials – many posture braces are constructed with latex, so if your skin is sensitive, opt for a different brand.
  • Sizing is not usually an issue for braces as they are very adjustable. However, if you are very petite or full figured, verify the support brace size range fits your body.

A few other things to consider. While a posture support brace provides more support than your typical posture bra, for women it does mean another piece of clothing to put on in addition to the bra. Posture support bras can be worn on top or under clothes, but most working women will opt for the former. However, if you want the flexibility to put it on and take it off quickly (or for breaks), a support brace is a great option. Again, they do provide more posture shoulder support than a bra, so if that is your number one criteria, go for the posture support brace. Pricewise, they are more expensive on average than a posture bra due to the extra materials. Overall, it’s about your personal needs and situation.

Posture Support Band

Posture Support Band

Posture Support Band

Now let’s examine another support option – the posture support band. As you can see from the picture, a support band goes around your upper torso just under your armpits. Like other similar garments, it works by pulling your shoulders back to prevent slouching – again, the same theory with the posture bra and band: a nice reminder to “keep your back straight”.

These are one-size-fits-all and can be worn by both men and women. In fact, for men’s posture support, this is a good option since wears well under clothing. For women, it is (again) an extra undergarment to wear. While reviews are mixed in terms of comfort, we believe a posture support band is a viable option, especially for the cost conscious – you should be able to find a reasonable one online for under $12. Overall, you will not get as much support in a support band when compared to a brace or posture bra.

Closing Thoughts

While we are strong advocates of posture bras, we do believe there are folks who could greatly benefit from a posture supports brace or band. They offer different pros and cons (support, comfort, pricepoints) worth considering. The other thing we have not discussed was posture exercises, but more on that later! Hopefully, this article provided some good information for you to make a better decision. Good luck.

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