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A Popular Posture Corrective Brace

Posted By: Elena W.

A very popular alternative to our favored posture bras is a posture corrective brace. While there are probably hundreds of different posture braces on the market today, a very popular one is the Footsmart Posture Corrective Brace. Note that we said “most popular” – that does not necessarily mean the best, or even good for posture support. Again, with most things in life, it is subjective.

Let’s look at the good. First and foremost, this posture corrective brace has worked for many people, both men and women. That is the most important thing by far. Because of the construction, you can put it on and take it off throughout the day. This actually is a blessing, especially when it is first bought, so you can “train” your muscles. For example, many people have good results by wearing the brace for 20m, taking it off for a break, then putting it back on for 20m (rinse and repeat). Over the long term, you continue to build the amount of time you wear the posture brace as your muscles get stronger.

Posture Corrective Brace

Unfortunately, not all the feedback on this popular corrective brace is positive. The most common negative theme is the comfort. While also being quite bulkier than it appears, the straps really irritated many wearers. In fact, the straps get so tight (again, maybe this was incorrect fitting because it never affected us) they can pinch the underarms and shoulders where it becomes a major distraction. One way to negate some of the comfort issues is to wear an undershirt or tee shirt beneath the brace, so it is not irritating the skin. Additionally, the instructions have to be followed to trim the straps so they are not hanging about when your are wearing the brace.

The moral of this article is that popular does not always equate to good. In this case, we do think the Footsmart Posture Corrective Brace can work for some people. Specifically, if you are in a position to wear it under loose clothing or even over clothing, it is a better option. It is also a very good choice for men. As we said in our other articles, combine wearing it with a posture support exercise program, and you will be well on your way to proper posture!

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