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Posture Bras – Frequently Asked Questions

Posted By: Elena W.

We sometimes receive questions in email here at and thought it might be useful to keep an updated post that has the latest and greatest answers – a FAQ (frequently asked questions).  We hope this answers some of the questions you and others may have (and yes, we apologize for anyone we could not respond to!).

Where can I buy a posture bra?
Since posture bras are more of a specialty undergarment, they are more difficult to find in “brick and mortar” department stores.  Two traditional stores to try are JCPenny and Sears, sometimes they have posture bras in stock.  Some specialty bra shops will carry them as well, but your best bet is to order online, especially if you already know your proper size.  Stick with the bigger retailers like Amazon, HerRoom, or Bare Necessities.

What is the best place to buy posture bras?

As we mentioned above, if you know your correct size, online is the best because you will get a better price and have many more options available to you.  If you are unsure about sizing, find a bra specialty store to get sized properly and purchase a good posture bra there.

I am small-breasted, which postura bras would be appropriate for me?

In this case, it is usually best to get properly fitted first.  However, a more “athletic” fit (with stretchy or cotton-based fabrics) would work best if you have a small bust.  Avoid longline posture bras because they typically do not fit small-breasted women well.  Playtex offers many posture bras that fit this criteria.

I am not very big and it is difficult to find an appropriate posture bra for my size – where should I look?

Unfortunately, this is a tough one.  Even online, it is very difficult to find posture bras in the 30 or 32 size; even 34 can be difficult at times.  One reason is because mass manufacturers concentrate on larger sizes since it is usually larger women that need the extra support.  We recommend trying to contact a custom bra manufacturer like The Healthy Bra Company (no affiliation with this site). Another option is to try an add-on item like a posture support brace.

What is the best posture bra to buy?

This is difficult to answer because it depends so much on your body type, breast size, and personal styling preferences.  Once you know the type (athletic, longline, etc.), you can narrow down your choices.  Some of our favorites are made by both Playtex and Exquisite Form.  We highlight a few on the Best Posture Bras page.

Do posture bras really work?

Yes, assuming you have realistic expectations.  While they are engineered to provide extra support, the real benefit is how they pull in your shoulders, providing a reminder to sit straight and mind your posture.  We have harped on this before – see our article “Do Posture Bras Work?” for more detailed information and examples.

Tune back into the page for more updates as the questions keep coming in – thanks!

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