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Consider a Posture Brace

Posted By: Elena W.

In addition to a posture support bra, you may consider trying a posture corrective brace.  Posture braces tend to provide more support than the average posture bra, but at the expense of being more bulky and not as comfortable. Although the majority of reviews support this, it tends to be subjective.  One other thing to note is that posture braces are the best option for men looking for a posture support device.  Whether male or female, let’s look at the posture brace in more detail to see if it may be for you.

The classic posture brace utilizes straps that run both under your armpit area and over the shoulders.  The straps gently pull on the upper back and provide shoulder support to encourage good posture (more on this at the end).  The straps are adjustable which allows for a customized fit and no sizing issues.  Finally, for increased comfort, most manufacturers utilize a lightweight “pad” in the back to wick away moisture.  We think the braces utilizing wider straps tend to be more comfortable and provide more overall support. A popular option is the Footsmart Posture Corrective Brace.

Posture Support Brace

Posture braces have more flexibility in that they can be worn both under your clothes or over your clothes.  This is nice if you would like to put the support brace on or take it off throughout the day or wear it through the night.  Most people prefer to wear the brace under their outer clothes, but over a thin undershirt for comfort.  Just a couple of things you may not have considered.

To cover a couple of potential negatives – first, we noticed that most posture braces are constructed with latex, which is obviously a problem for those allergic to that material.  Also, for women, a brace means yet another undergarment to wear and can be more uncomfortable.

There are alternative posture braces we have seen, often utilizing a very large back pad or “wrap” around your stomach.  We chose not to look at these here because they generally have not been effective for most people.

Much like a posture bra, the posture brace is not a magic bullet to fixing your posture.  Posture braces do provide the most support of these devices, but are best combined with an exercise program as recommended by a physical therapist of physician.  They do provide supplemental support and are a great trigger or reminder for “sitting up straight” and maintaining your posture.  They are definitely worthy of consideration, especially if you want a device with more support and additional flexibility.

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