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A Popular Posture Corrective Brace

Posted By: Elena W.

A very popular alternative to our favored posture bras is a posture corrective brace. While there are probably hundreds of different posture braces on the market today, a very popular one is the Footsmart Posture Corrective Brace. Note that we said “most popular” – that does not necessarily mean the best, or even good for posture support. Again, with most things in life, it is subjective.

Let’s look at the good. First and foremost, this posture corrective brace has worked for many people, both men and women. That is the most important thing by far. Because of the construction, you can put it on and take it off throughout the day. This actually is a blessing, especially when it is first bought, so you can “train” your muscles. For example, many people have good results by wearing the brace for 20m, taking it off for a break, then putting it back on for 20m (rinse and repeat). Over the long term, you continue to build the amount of time you wear the posture brace as your muscles get stronger.

Posture Corrective Brace

Unfortunately, not all the feedback on this popular corrective brace is positive. The most common negative theme is the comfort. While also being quite bulkier than it appears, the straps really irritated many wearers. In fact, the straps get so tight (again, maybe this was incorrect fitting because it never affected us) they can pinch the underarms and shoulders where it becomes a major distraction. One way to negate some of the comfort issues is to wear an undershirt or tee shirt beneath the brace, so it is not irritating the skin. Additionally, the instructions have to be followed to trim the straps so they are not hanging about when your are wearing the brace.

The moral of this article is that popular does not always equate to good. In this case, we do think the Footsmart Posture Corrective Brace can work for some people. Specifically, if you are in a position to wear it under loose clothing or even over clothing, it is a better option. It is also a very good choice for men. As we said in our other articles, combine wearing it with a posture support exercise program, and you will be well on your way to proper posture!

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Longline Posture Bra

One type of fairly popular bra is the longline posture bra.  It is covered briefly in a previous article:  How to Choose a Posture Bra.  However, due to the popularity of the longline, we thought a brief article would be beneficial to readers. They have some unique characteristics that provide improved posture support. Let’s look at the regular longline bra first.  This type of bra extends down your body like a corset, typically covering down to your belly button area.  Most women purchase a longline bra to improve their figure – the bra flattens the stomach and torso providing a much leaner effect.  This is very beneficial for tight fitting clothes or gowns. The longline posture bra version has the same general look and tight [ click to continue…]

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Best Posture Bras of the Past

On this page we try to keep a list of the best and most popular posture bras in the past. Some may still be available, others sadly are not. You can check out our updated best posture bras page for the latest and greatest. Here is our posture bra hall of fame: Fully® Front Hook Posture Bra Another posture bra with a traditional design, the 565 (as listed by many stores) is features the reinforced crisscross back design for extra posture support. Users noted the comfortability while also being figure-flattering. Other noteworthy features: front closure with 2-sectioned cups (support), extra wide cushioned shoulder straps (comfort), double support undercups. This posture bra is comparable to the Playtex 18 Hour and receives very good feedback. It is [ click to continue…]

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Glamorise Bras – Magic Lift Posture 1265

Glamorise Bras is one of the most popular bra brands offered today. They have been in business since 1921 and are a very trusted name. Glamorise currently offers two bras for posture support – the Magic Lift 1265 Posture Bra and the Front Close Longline Posture Back Support Bra. In this article, we look at the former – the Magic Lift Posture Bra 1265. Overview This Glamorise 1265 Bra, like many popular posture bras, uses Cotton-Lycra crisscrossed support bands to support the shoulder and upper back. It does have a unique design “cross over and under” design to provide increased uplift and separation – hence, the Magic Lift system. Finally, it has no underwires, which aids in the overall comfort and long term wear. Features [ click to continue…]

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Posture Bras – Frequently Asked Questions

We sometimes receive questions in email here at and thought it might be useful to keep an updated post that has the latest and greatest answers – a FAQ (frequently asked questions).  We hope this answers some of the questions you and others may have (and yes, we apologize for anyone we could not respond to!). Where can I buy a posture bra? Since posture bras are more of a specialty undergarment, they are more difficult to find in “brick and mortar” department stores.  Two traditional stores to try are JCPenny and Sears, sometimes they have posture bras in stock.  Some specialty bra shops will carry them as well, but your best bet is to order online, especially if you already know your proper [ click to continue…]

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Playtex Posture Bra Review

One of the most popular posture bras offered today is made by Playtex – specifically their Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra (Style 4379). It is available at plenty of online retailers but may be more difficult to buy at stores. 2010 Update: Unfortunately, Playtex has decided to discontinue this bra! However, as of August, there were still plenty of stores and online merchants with stock remaining, so buy extras if this was your favorite. There is no word yet from Playtex if a new posture bra is coming. A good alternative that is very similar and gets very high quality reviews is the Exquisite Form Fully® Front Hook Posture Bra. Overview The Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra features X-shaped (crisscrossed) stretch mesh back panels designed [ click to continue…]

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Do Posture Bras Work?

Do posture bras really work?  While they will not automatically fix your posture overnight, they do provide superior support when fitted correctly.  Because a posture bra is designed to pull the shoulders back and alleviate pressure from the upper back area, it is a constant reminder to keep your alignment straight. The resounding answer is yes, posture bras work because they encourage you to keep your posture correct!  Additionally, posture bras are not just used for that purpose – they are also used when a regular bra cannot provide sufficient posture support. Let’s look at several examples where a posture bra clearly works: If you have really poor posture, you may see a postural or physical therapist.  She would likely put you on an exercise [ click to continue…]

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