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Help Improve Your Posture with a Posture Bra

Posted By: Elena W.

Posture bras really can definitely help with your posture support – if you are willing to do a little work yourself.  A posture bra alone will not magically fix your back pain or posture.  That said, it will provide superior upper back support and help “remind” you to correct your posture.  In conjunction with a few simple muscle habits, a posture bra can help improve your posture significantly.

Let’s look at how posture bras are designed and some of their unique features.  All posture bras provide excellent upper back and shoulder support – the bra is designed to pull your shoulders upwards to lessen the pressure on your upper back.  These bras are made with reinforced stretch bands that are criss-crossed in the back.  Usually, they will not have any underwires.  Some posture bras have body and back support panels (longline types) while others have an athletic pullover design.

So how does a posture bra actually help your posture? The design causes the bra to pull your shoulders in – this serves as a reminder for you to keep your shoulders in and to also sit up straight.  Yes, there is some work for you to do!  Activate your muscles in the neck, back, and shoulders to keep you posture aligned – head level, shoulders back, lower back straight.  The posture bra lends great support but cannot do all the work – it is the trigger that reminds you to engage the correct muscles.

If you already have fairly poor posture, you should use a posture bra and combine it with the relevant neck and back postural exercises.  The posture bra will provide excellent support so that you can strengthen these muscles up slowly.

If you already have decent posture, the posture bra can serve as an excellent maintenance and preventative device.  It is especially effective for people that are in seated positions for extended periods (e.g. office workers, etc.).

If you have the right expectations and are willing to help your muscles get stronger, a posture bra will improve and maintain your posture significantly.

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