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Top Reasons for Poor Posture

You’re at this site to learn about posture bras or braces, but how exactly did you get here? There are many reasons why you might have poor posture. Some reasons are not your fault, others are just bad habits that can be broken with some resolve on your part.  A big part of what is covered here is prevention and getting a point where you no longer have to rely on a posture bra.  While some of you might not get to that point, at least you can say you tried! Regardless, here are five major causes of poor posture.  Do any of these reasons sound like they caused your current problem?  They are not in any particular order, so don’t read into that. Sitting [ click to continue…]

Posture Support Options

Based on some of the questions received, we realize that some readers may want more information than just posture support bras. In general, other than a posture support bra your other options are posture support braces or posture support bands (yes, they sound the same but really are not). Since the rest of the site covers posture bras extensively, we will talk about support braces and bands in in this article. Posture Support Brace A posture corrective support brace, as seen above, is a viable alternative to a posture support bra and can be used by both men and women. The most popular and comfortable support braces have the over-the-shoulder elastic straps with hook and loop closures. Another strap goes around your upper torso (below [ click to continue…]

Good Posture Exercises for the Upper Back

If you have read some of our articles, it is no secret we believe that strengthening your upper back, shoulder and neck muscles is an important part of improving your posture long term.  The best way to do that is exercise.  Combining exercise with a posture bra or other types of posture support will be the most effective strategy.  In this article, we look at two very simple posture exercises for your upper back.  The standard disclaimer – always check with a physician or physical therapist before starting any type of exercise program, even the simple exercises shown below. We are not doctors or health practitioners! The upper back muscles are an important area to build when it comes to posture support. Here are two [ click to continue…]

Best Posture Bras of the Past

On this page we try to keep a list of the best and most popular posture bras in the past. Some may still be available, others sadly are not. You can check out our updated best posture bras page for the latest and greatest. Here is our posture bra hall of fame: Fully® Front Hook Posture Bra Another posture bra with a traditional design, the 565 (as listed by many stores) is features the reinforced crisscross back design for extra posture support. Users noted the comfortability while also being figure-flattering. Other noteworthy features: front closure with 2-sectioned cups (support), extra wide cushioned shoulder straps (comfort), double support undercups. This posture bra is comparable to the Playtex 18 Hour and receives very good feedback. It is [ click to continue…]

Glamorise Bras – Magic Lift Posture 1265

Glamorise Bras is one of the most popular bra brands offered today. They have been in business since 1921 and are a very trusted name. Glamorise currently offers two bras for posture support – the Magic Lift 1265 Posture Bra and the Front Close Longline Posture Back Support Bra. In this article, we look at the former – the Magic Lift Posture Bra 1265. Overview This Glamorise 1265 Bra, like many popular posture bras, uses Cotton-Lycra crisscrossed support bands to support the shoulder and upper back. It does have a unique design “cross over and under” design to provide increased uplift and separation – hence, the Magic Lift system. Finally, it has no underwires, which aids in the overall comfort and long term wear. Features [ click to continue…]

Posture Bras – Frequently Asked Questions

We sometimes receive questions in email here at and thought it might be useful to keep an updated post that has the latest and greatest answers – a FAQ (frequently asked questions).  We hope this answers some of the questions you and others may have (and yes, we apologize for anyone we could not respond to!). Where can I buy a posture bra? Since posture bras are more of a specialty undergarment, they are more difficult to find in “brick and mortar” department stores.  Two traditional stores to try are JCPenny and Sears, sometimes they have posture bras in stock.  Some specialty bra shops will carry them as well, but your best bet is to order online, especially if you already know your proper [ click to continue…]

Do Posture Bras Work?

Do posture bras really work?  While they will not automatically fix your posture overnight, they do provide superior support when fitted correctly.  Because a posture bra is designed to pull the shoulders back and alleviate pressure from the upper back area, it is a constant reminder to keep your alignment straight. The resounding answer is yes, posture bras work because they encourage you to keep your posture correct!  Additionally, posture bras are not just used for that purpose – they are also used when a regular bra cannot provide sufficient posture support. Let’s look at several examples where a posture bra clearly works: If you have really poor posture, you may see a postural or physical therapist.  She would likely put you on an exercise [ click to continue…]

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