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Best Posture Bras of the Past

Posted By: Elena W.

On this page we try to keep a list of the best and most popular posture bras in the past. Some may still be available, others sadly are not. You can check out our updated best posture bras page for the latest and greatest.

Here is our posture bra hall of fame:

Fully® Front Hook Posture Bra

Exquisite Form 565

Exquisite Form 565

Another posture bra with a traditional design, the 565 (as listed by many stores) is features the reinforced crisscross back design for extra posture support. Users noted the comfortability while also being figure-flattering. Other noteworthy features: front closure with 2-sectioned cups (support), extra wide cushioned shoulder straps (comfort), double support undercups. This posture bra is comparable to the Playtex 18 Hour and receives very good feedback. It is also a great option for full-figured women.

Exquisite Form Women’s Original Longline Posture Bra 7565

Exquisite Form 7565

Exquisite Form 7565

This longline posture bra is more of a conservative design but is very comfortable. Users report it is soft yet durable and can be worn for extended times. Some noted features: a reinforced crisscross powernet design (excellent back support), camisole cushioned straps (extra comfort), double support undercups. This bra is also one of the more popular and well-reviewed posture bras available today. A great choice if you would like a longline bra and do not mind a conservative design.

Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra – 4379

Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra

Playtex 4379

Unfortunately, as of mid-2010, Playtex is no longer making this bra but you should still be able to find it at merchants with remaining stock. There is no definite word from Playtex on a future posture bra. We recommend considering the Playtex Posture Back 18 Hour Bra Front Adjustment Bra 4643 instead.

This posture bra has more of a traditional design (not longline) and is made from breathable cotton and sheer mesh fabrics. Support is very good and it does promote good posture. Users repeatedly noted that this bra was very comfortable for long periods of time. Other noteworthy features: hidden front closure (extra chest comfort), cushioned straps with hook and eye adjustability (fit). Overall, an extremely well-reviewed and affordable posture bra – definitely worth a look and recommended.


There you have it – some of the best posture bras we have seen over the years. Bra technology only continues to improve, so don’t fret too much if you can’t find an older posture bra. Newer models should be even better.

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